A Toast To

For thousands of times, the enlightened ones have emphasized, …..Those who don’t do the bad deeds, Will not receive the bad things!!! ….Any action, good or bad, is associated with a reward, which is knocking your door at any moment NOW!!!


Before we think of each other, FIRST, let’s, sit BY each other.

Treasure the “mirror” when it is still intact; not after it’s fallen and broken.

Now, let’s toast to a “friend”, who is honest in his friendship. One who doesn’t take much, so that his friends can have more!!!

Toast to the “Candle” who cries in silence, but defeats the darkness with its life.

Toast to the “Pencil Eraser”, who belittles itself , to erase others’ mistakes.

Toast to that “heart”, which broke more than A Thousand times, but never learnt how to be broken.


Toast to that friend, who is like a mirror, tells you things, the way they are!!!!

Toast to those who in the height of difficulties and hardship, instead of leaving and dis-owning, they embrace unconditionally!!!

Toast to those who are the Confidant of the Others, but it is not clear to whom they Confess.

Toast to the “One” who lost the game, in order for his friend to experience the winning!!!

Toast to the “One” that you are still in love with, but doesn’t belong to you anymore.

Toast to that “mom” for when the food was not enough on the table, she was the first to say: “I got full”!!!.

Toast to the “unconditional love” of brothers and sisters.

Toast to the bitter silence at the depth of a father’s eyes.

Toast to the man who paid for everyone’s bread in the bakery, after he realized  someone in the line, doesn’t have enough money to pay for the bread.

Toast to the “One” who has “No One”, but has honor.

Toast to those who are hungry but don’t raise their hands to any despicable.

Toast to the “Eagle” who doesn’t seek refuge under a branch of a tree during the storm, it flies over the clouds until the storm is over.

Toast to the “Lion” who hunts ONLY when he is hungry.

Toast to the one who, when I won, he shouted: “THAT IS MY FRIEND!!!”, and when I lost, he told me: “I am your friend”!!!.

Toast to that “friend” who was asleep when you called, he graciously answered your call and said: “it’s good to hear from you!!! I needed to wake up”

Toast to the “ocean”, which no matter how tough the storm is, it doesn’t throw its fish out.

Toast to the “Destiny” whom nobody can rewrite.

Toast to all those who respect their parents and… know that, in a house where elders are belittled, the children will never be respected.

Toast to those parents who never humiliate their children in front of the others…they know by belittling their children, they also would lose respects of the others.

Toast to the one who experiences bad, but never becomes bitter!!!

Toast to those who have the courage to accept their defeat in love, but not the humiliation of keeping it for any cost.

Toast to the “Tree”, not for its fruit, but for its shade.

Toast to the “crow” Not for being black, but for having only one color.

Toast to the one who could take revenge, could belittle and destroy his enemy, but his heart didn’t let him.

Toast to the “tears”, doesn’t matter tears of the Sadness or that of the Happiness, because they originate from the bottom of the heart, and then flow from the precious eyes.

Toast to that “blind old man” who walks along the road, with such patience….

Toast to the “lover”, “love”, and the “yearning”.

Toast to that dry flower with no thorns.

Toast to THE friend!!!!

Toast to the “parallel lines”, although they never meet each other, but they go together to infinity (All the way).

Toast to the “youth” and the “farfetched dreams”, which they fill your days from the morning to the night.

Toast to the “pain”, to the “word of a man”, and to the “endless thoughts” that occupy you day and night.

Toast to the “true Love”, who is the source, and, Who is the God.

Finally, Toast to you, “YOU”!!! , Who is the Best!!!

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